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Hepatitis C

What is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a viral inflammation caused by a virus called Hepatitis C virus that can cause liver disease. Usually Hepatitis C does not have any symptoms. During the first stage (the first 6 months) the virus can go away if treated early. After 6 months, the disease becomes chronic and can cause liver failure, liver cancer, or even death. Of the people who get infected with Hepatitis C, 8 out of 10 persons develop chronic Hepatitis C.

Why Do I Need It?

During the first stage most people do not have any symptoms. When symptoms develop, you may feel fatigued, loss of appetite, nausea, have belly pain, and the color of skin and eyes may turn yellow. When you develop chronic Hepatitis C, it can take many years before you get any symptoms. At that point symptoms can include bone pain, pain in your belly, excessive bleeding and other symptoms caused by liver damage.

Hepatitis C often leads to chronic hepatitis, which can progress to cirrhosis and even liver cancer. Early detection of the virus can alert your physician to follow your liver function tests more closely to consider treatments if you have a chronic infection

How does Hepatitis C spread?

Hepatitis C is transmitted through the blood of an infected person. This can happen through sharing needles or by sticking yourself accidentally with a Hepatitis C contaminated needle. The probability of getting infected through sexual contact is possible though the chance is small.

How do I get tested for it?

You come to our facility and our friendly, trained staff will gently draw a blood sample and send it out to the lab. Most results will be back within 24-48 hr. You can come and pick up your results, or we can or you can view your lab results online.

With your email address and random generated password you are also able to login into your account. The account gets setup during your visit once you let us know how you like to receive the results.

No need to pick up the results. You have access to the results at any time and any place.